Production and Business Services

Del Ray Films seeks to provide all the production and business services needed for filmmakers to successfully complete their projects.  



Fundraising is critical to any independent effort at making a movie.  We will help you work with our partners in raising the money you need to make your film.


Marketing & Distribution

Once your film is made, you need to develop a distribution scheme to make money on it or gain visibility from it.  We will help you develop creative ways to distribute your product using the latest techniques, or help you set up an agreement with distribution firms.


Production support

We off the full range of production support from organizing your activities and records to scouting locations and talent.  We can fill the gaps in your resource base through our broad network of contacts.  


Business services

At a rate you can afford, we will  assist you in setting up your company, filing for Trademarks, setting up advertising and creating standard contracts for your company.